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Finding and realizing savings for you

Making more efficient use of your staff means real money for your company
- Higher throughput / more output with the same resources
- Improved cash flow
- Fewer errors and less rework

For example, we advised a high-tech client how to optimize their customer service activities to improve the service they gave to their most valuable customers and how to reduce the total amount of effort they expended by reducing the duplication of work between departments. 
Expected savings: $500K per year.

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We can also help you to realize efficiencies in your use of systems by optimizing the way that your business processes work
-  Make best use of the systems you have
-  Recommend system changes
-  Identify ways for departments to work together better
-  Train your staff and guide them through the change to adopt optimized processes

We advised a high-tech client how they could remove customized code from their SAP system by a combination of modified business processes and re-use of existing tools. 
Expected savings in software maintenance:  $400K per year.

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